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The future of development funding is here – today!


Our innovative approach to development funding allows for the ability to provide funding that meets the needs of ever progressive and modern thinking developers.


At Belfund, we offer funding that allows developers to hold on to precious cash reserves, enabling them to pursue additional development opportunities. We are flexible and have the ability to fund multiple schemes.

Credit with Credibility

What differs us from other funding companies is that we provide ongoing facilities for ever-expanding needs. Our funding plan has been developed to offer a faster decision-making process to the developer, and our clients get full independence and control of the funding scheme.


We at Belfund understand, we are a company that funds with the passion to grow with you!


We see our clients’ success as our own. With Belfund, synergy is not just a word; for us it is a means to grow with you, a desire to help you have the development business you deserve. Synergy with our clients is of paramount importance!

Lending criteria

Based on our lending criteria, we provide funding for 90% of development cost to include the land purchase and up to 65% of Gross Development Value (GDV). For example, if the land cost is estimated at £2 million and GDV is £10 million, the funding amount would be £6.5 million.