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a century's worth of experience under one roof

Please read on for profiles of our key team members who boast over 100 years' joint experience in the investment and banking sectors.



George Knox began his 38-year funding career at the prestigious London-based merchant bank Hill Samuel & Co, progressing to district manager before pursuing his career with Medical and Professional funding as Managing Director. His responsibilities were constructing commercial financial proposals, including development and long-term solutions. His invaluable experience and abilities to achieve positive results form an integral part of the Belfund experience. 


Paul Gorman has 35 years of commercial banking experience with three major high street banking groups. His responsibilities were to fully assess commercial transactions to ensure suitability, discovering solutions to issues for the specialist property teams to include complex developments. His track record is exemplary; coupled with the longevity of his experience and the depth of his knowledge, that makes him an ideal part of the team. 


Maureen Armstrong has over 30 years commercial banking experience, 26 years with Santander Corporate Finance. This included advising the vast number of intermediaries to the banking group. Maureen also gained invaluable experience in the Alternative Funding marketplace, giving her the wide-ranging skills required for the aggressive development sector.


Joel Winten is responsible for creating and managing the advanced technologies Belfund uses to ensure smooth client transactions and communications. Joel’s varied and international background includes the IT, digital, financial, chemical, pharmaceutical and academic sectors. His progressive thinking and methods are an integral part of the Belfund team.